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FPIs inflow hit 10 months high of Rs 12260 cr in November

Overseas investors have pumped 12,260 crore rupees into the Indian capital markets last month. It was the highest inflow in 10 months due to falling crude oil prices and sharp rupee appreciation. In January this year, foreign portfolio investors, FPIs, had put in 22,240 crore rupees in the capital markets.

According to the latest depository data, FPIs invested a net sum of 6,913 crore rupees in equities last month and over 5,340 crore rupees in the debt market.

The inflow comes following a net withdrawal of close to 60,000 crore rupees from the capital markets, equity and debt together, in September and October this year.
Prior to that, FPIs, had invested 7,300 crore rupees during July and August.

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