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New ropeway from Mumbai will take you to Elephanta Caves in just 15 minutes now :

Everybody who lives in Mumbai or has ever visited the city of Bollywood, is aware of Elephanta Caves. They are the beautiful caves with some gorgeous rock art dedicated to Shiva, and are located on an island about 10 kilometers away from Mumbai.

As of now, anybody who wants to travel to this historical wonder has only one option and that is to take a ferry ride from gateway of India to the caves. It takes almost an hour to reach from Mumbai by sea.

And while the ferry ride is a great experience in itself, it is always a good idea to have another travel option ready, especially if that option helps you save a monumental amount of time.

The central government has sanctioned a project to make a 8-km long ropeway connecting Mumbai to Elephanta Caves. And the best part you ask? It’ll take just 14 minutes to reach from Mumbai to Elephanta once this ropeway gets completed.

The estimated date of completion of the project is in 2022, that is four years from now. This ropeway will be constructed over the Arabian Sea, thus making it the first over-the-ocean ropeway of the country. Exciting, right?

The project has been taken up by the Mumbai Port Trust, and once it gets completed, a total of 30 cable cars will run on the route.

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