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How to see apps & companies tracking you on Facebook- and stop them from doing so :

Facebook keeps all of us in touch with our friends and relatives and it is also using our personal data to serve us ads according to our likes and dislikes — and there is nothing new about it. But do you really want to share that information with the site?

Generally, users while logging into apps and websites through Facebook forget that they are also giving permissions to these apps to look into their profile.

Facebook does not let them identify you as it shares all the personal information in bulk. The social networking site while sharing the information with any third party anonymises the data so that they are not able to know who you are. For instance, it will share a phone number but won’t tell whose number it is.

However, if you are one among those who are concerned about privacy, there is a way to edit the apps which you had logged in through Facebook and manage what information you want to share. Just follow the steps below:

Go to the URL: after logging into your Facebook account.

Facebook 1

Click on Apps from the left pane.

Facebook 2

You will notice the name and icons of the apps which is connected to your Facebook account. Hover over any icon, an edit pencil button will appear. Click if you want to make changes. You can also click on the cross right beside the edit pencil to completely delete the app. This would mean the app will not be able to take any information from your Facebook account

Facebook 3

If you’ve clicked on edit changes you can change the permissions and information you share with the app. After editing, save it.

Facebook 4

Now your information is safe from being shared by Facebook to different apps and companies.


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