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Jet Airways to add 56 new weekly domestic flights ahead of festive season :

Jet Airways will add 56 new weekly flights this month before the Indian festive season kicks off next month, the airline said on Thursday.

“Continuing its focus to expand connectivity between emerging cities in India, Jet Airways, India’s premier international airline, is set to introduce as many as 56 new weekly flights in this month and the next, ahead of the festive season,” Jet Airways said.

The new flights will include ‘industry firsts’ as well as a mix of non-stop and one-stop services between cities like Pune, Coimbatore, Silchar and Jorhat.

Jet said the new flights were being introduced in response to the rising demand for aviation services in these cities. “Jet Airways today offers over 100,000 seats per day to its guests,” the airline said.

Currently Jet Airway’s domestic network comprises of 44 cities and so with this addition it ‘will further strengthen the airline’s footprint across its domestic network.’

“Introducing the new flights and frequencies will strengthen our presence in the emerging cities. We will be able to provide greater choice, convenience and connectivity to our guests, who can easily connect with our hubs in Mumbai and Delhi and onwards into our wide international network,” Jayaraj Shanmugam, Chief Commercial Officer, Jet Airways said.

“In a series of industry-firsts, Jet Airways will introduce daily flights from Pune, connecting the ‘Oxford of the East’ to Guwahati via Kolkata as well as to Coimbatore. In other notable firsts, Jet Airways is also set to commence flight operations between Bengaluru and Silchar, as well as New Delhi and Jorhat,” Jet Airways said.

The airline is also introducing additional, non-stop frequencies on certain existing routes such as Pune – Kolkata, Jaipur – New Delhi, Guwahati – New Delhi and Chennai – New Delhi, reflecting the growing demand for its services to facilitate the travel aspirations of its guests.

New Flights Schedule:

The non-stop Pune – Coimbatore service – Jet Airways’ flight 9W 363 will depart from Pune at 2355 hours and arrive into Coimbatore at 0145 hours (next day). On its return leg, 9W 364 will depart from Coimbatore at 0305 hours and arrive into Pune at 0455 hours. 9W 364 will subsequently connect onwards to New Delhi, arriving early morning at 0740 hours.

On the other hand, 9W 363 will depart from New Delhi at 2115 hours.

Jet Airways’ flight to Guwahati – 9W 2486, will depart from Pune at 0355 hours (except Tuesday) and arrive at 0820 hours. On Tuesday, the flight will depart from Pune at 0255 hours to arrive in Guwahati at 0720 hours. On its return journey, Jet Airways 9W 2474 will depart from Guwahati at 1915 hours (except Tuesday) and arrive into Pune at 0005 hours (next day).

On Tuesdays, the flight will depart from Guwahati at 2010 hours and land at Pune at 0025 hours (next day).

Enhanced Frequencies:

In order to meet the rising demand for connectivity from the emerging cities, Jet Airwaysplans to add additional frequencies to bolster connectivity on the existing routes.

For instance, Jet Airways will introduce second daily as well as third daily, non-stop frequencies between Pune – Kolkata and Delhi – Guwahati. Flight 9W 2486 from Pune will depart at 0355 hours (except Tuesday) and arrive into Kolkata at 0630 hours. On its return journey, Jet Airways 9W 2474 will depart from Kolkata at 2125 hours (except Tuesday) and arrive into Pune at 0005 hours (next day).

On Tuesday, the flight will depart from Pune at 0255 hours and arrive into Kolkata at 0530 hours, before departing for its return journey at 2155 hours. 9W 7026 from Delhi will depart for Guwahati at 1140 hours. while 9W 7027 will depart for Delhi from Guwahati at 1330 hours daily.

Jet Airways also introduces a seventh frequency on the popular New Delhi – Chennai sector. 9W 829 will depart from Delhi at 2145 hours and arrive into Chennai at 0035 hours (next day). On its return leg, Jet Airways’ 9W 828 will depart from Chennai at 0210 hours and arrive into Delhi at 0455 hours.

Witnessing rising demand from leisure travelers, the airline has introduced an eighth frequency on the Jaipur – New Delhi sector. Jet Airways’ 9W 2169 departs from Delhi at 0130 hours and arrives into Jaipur at 0235 hours. Returning from Jaipur, 9W 2170 departs at 0345 hours and arrives into Delhi at 0450 hours.


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