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Transport Contract Tender for transportation of Telecom Duct from BSNL

Transport Contract for transportation of PLB HDPE Telecom Duct 200 KM from BSNL TF Gopalpur Kolkata-700143 to Port Blair & Mayabunder A& N Island on door delivery basis.

Tender Ref. No : TFGP-PR-E Tender-17-0007
Tender Value
Rs 77,00,000/-
Document Cost :
Rs 1000/-

Eligible bidders are those who meet the eligibility conditions mentioned below:

a) The eligible bidders should be Indian companies and or Firms. Firms registered as Transporter of goods with either Central Govt. OR State Govt. Authority.

b) The Bidder shall have a minimum Annual Turnover of Rs One Crore from Transport Business during last Two years. Turnover Statement CA certified Turn over Certificate shall be submitted by the Bidder.

c) The Minimum Ten Nos. of Trucks/ Lorries each having not less than 7.5 MT capacity in their own name . Supporting documents like Copy of Registration of Trucks and Lorries must be submitted along with the Tender document.


(i) Bidder should have experience related to Transportation of Material in State Govt DOT BSNL MTNL or any other PSU during last Three Financial Years, i.e 2014-2015, 2015- 2016 & 2016 -2017 with a minimum total turnover of 30% of the estimated cost of bid in each financial year.

(ii) Bidder should have experience in transportation from works to Sea port CFS Warehouse Factory Premises with Govt. Department Including handling operation starting from unloading vehicles & loading on the containers placing on ship Vessel and reloading container at Port Blair for future transportation for Mayabunder by Road/Sea either by burge vehicle etc. including stacking at ultimate site. Bidder required to submit copy of work order with satisfactory work completion certificate for i and ii issued by the employer against the experience of similar work.

e) Bidder should have submitted Solvency Certificate from the banker of bidder for 40% of the estimated bid value in the tender. The solvency certificate shall not be older than six months from the date of issue of NIT f Bidder should have submitted to proof i valid EPF registration Certificates, ii valid ESI 4 registration Certificates and iii valid GST registration Certificates. iv Valid PAN No g Age of Trucks Lorries owned by the Bidder should be as per Rules/Provisions of State Transport Authority Documentory evidence viz Road Permit etc. need to be submitted.

Contact person for Detailed enquiry on tender

Name : A K Nath
E-Mail :
Phone Office : 03322238845

Address: G.M. BSNL Telecom Factory, ALIPORE, 248A, J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata-700027

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